Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Thanksgiving

Me as an Indian Princess.
My Aunt Becky and my Nana.
Thanksgiving Dinner...yummy.

Abraham, as Mr. William Bradford, playing, "Thank You, Lord."

More Thanksgiving Photos

Indian Princess.

My brother listening to our speaches.

Playing Bible Apples to Apples. It was so funny.

My grandpa and grandma and Mr. William Bradford.

Thanksgiving Photos 2008

My uncle Jonathan and my three brothers.

My Mom, my uncle and me.
My Dad, Aunt Becky, and me.
My Uncle went home with Jesus this year and this was my Aunts first Thanksgiving without him.

My Thanksgiving

Hello. So how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was great. My mom made costumes for me and my brothers. I was Pocahontas. Pocahontas was not around on the first Thanksgiving. I just wanted to be an indian princess. After studying her life, my family thinks that she may have helped start good relationships with the Indians and new settlers even before the pilgrims came to America. Maybe...

My brother Abraham, was William Bradford, the first governor of Plymouth Plantation. My little brother was an indian. He didn't want to wear his costume because he woke up sick. I was sick too and didn't get to eat that much food, but I had fun anyway.

We had dinner at my grandpa and grandma's house. We made a Thanksgiving program for them. My dad read a Psalm and sang, my mom read about Thanksgiving history, my brother played, "Thank You, Lord" on his guitar. He also read about William Bradford's life. I read about Pocahontas life and how she helped the Jamestown settlers. My three year old brother said a bible verse. My baby brother, Joshua, just ran around. When we sang songs, he was dancing. Joshua loves to dance.

The food was great too. My mom made the turkey and stuffing and my dad made his famous mashed potatoes. My dad said our turkey was the biggest turkey we ever had. It was really big. My grandma had pumpkin, cherry and apple pie. My mom also made her famous lime jello with pineapple and nuts that she said she has been making every Thanksgiving since my brother and I were babies.

This is the second year we dressed up and it is now our new tradition. We like it very much.

Last year I was a pilgrim girl and I pretended that I was a real pilgrim and told everyone my sad story of my family that died of sickness. I carried a baby who was my little sister who survived.

I am thankful for: my daddy and mommy, my brothers, my home, my grandpa and grandma, my nana, my abuelitos, my aunts and uncles and cousins, my clothes, our car, food to eat, my hands that help me cook and do good things and my feet that let me jump and play.

I will post pictures of our Thanksgiving tonight. Bye.