Thursday, October 30, 2008

As Unto the Lord

One day my mom was busy washing clothes and I had to help take care of my little brother. I didn't feel like taking care of him because I wanted to sew. I remembered that when I obey my Mom that I obey God. I wanted to please God so I picked a happy heart and told my Mom that I would help her with the baby. The Bible says to work "As unto the Lord..." When I do my work it is like I am working for God. When I think about this verse it helps me to obey even when I don't feel like it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Brothers

I have 3 brothers. My big brother's name is Abraham. He is fun to play with. He loves to read and is always sharing what he reads with me. He knows a little about everything and always wants to know more! My brother also has a blog.

My little brother is three years old. He is very cute and is loving to me. My little brother likes me to read to him. I like to teach him things.

I have a baby brother too. He is one years old and he is so cute. He calls me Mamma and likes me to hold him.

My Beautiful Girlhood

Hello, my name is Merisa. I am nine years old. I am a home schooled Christian girl. I have three brothers and I am the only girl. I have wonderful parents that I love. I love God with all my heart and thank Him for everything he gives me.

I am starting this blog because I would like to encourage other girls to be beautiful Godly girls in their homes. I am encouraged when I see other girls living for the Lord and I hope that my life may also be a blessing to others.

I love to write and this will be my special place to share my thoughts. My mom and I are reading Beautiful Girlhood and we chose "My Beautiful Girlhood" to be the name of my blog. I am in my "girlhood" and I want it to be beautiful to the Lord.