Friday, December 4, 2009

Pictures From The Mysterious Islands Movie Premiere

In front of the theater. We arrived very early!

Waiting for the movie to start.

In line to get our posters signed.

Mr. Doug Philips daughters, Jubilee and Virginia.

My Dad and his friend from church. I was happy that my Dad was able to make it on time to see the movie. His co-worker wanted to go home as soon as their business meeting ended so my Dad rode with him and helped him drive 7 hours back home! My Dad drove fast and made it back on time!

Last month we went went to see the new movie The Mysterious Islands. It was very exciting and we learned alot about Darwin and the evil theory of evolution. The movie showed us how wrong Darwin is. The movie showed alot of different animals from the Galapagos Islands. The animals were amazing and interesting to learn about. God is the creator of EVERYTHING!

My Thanksgiving 2009

Children eating.

Baby Jenna. She's so cute!

My friends from church who just moved here.

My little brother. I think he's very handsome. Don't you?

My brothers with some friends watching one of the boys pop johnny poppers.

My handsome brothers.

A little pilgrim.

Isn't he cute!

There was so much delicious food. It was a feast!

My little brother eating.

He loved the Cranberry Jello. It was good!

Me and my brothers eating on the back porch.

Thanksgiving songs.

Ladies chatting.

Fernandez family singing.

In line for the feast.

I love Thanksgiving!

I have been wanting to write about my Thanksgiving but I haven't had a chance until right now. We were guests of a family from our church. We spend almost the whole day in their home. There were a lot of other families there too. It was very fun. I enjoyed spending time with my friends. At night some of us girls played tag in the dark. That was exciting!

I have a lot to thank God for. He has blessed me with many blessings. I am especially thankful that my mom is going to have a baby. I can't wait until our baby is born!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My First Sewing Project

The Project Challenge:
Create a set of matching pillowcases for our front porch chairs.

Here we have two mismatched useless pillows.

Material on hand: an old full size bed skirt that once belonged to my brother.

Learning sewing machine basics.
To begin with, my mom taught me how to thread our sewing machine.

She also showed me how to thread and use the bobbin.

My mom went over the basics of setting tension levels and stitch length.

Cutting off the elastic of the bed skirt.

More trimming.

Practice sewing on scraps.

Pinning two pieces of the bed skirt together to make a wider piece.

All nicely stitched together and ready to sew into a pillow case.

The first pillowcase is ready. The pillow fit well after a few adjustments and the bottom opening was sewed together. Beautiful!

The next day: Repeating the same steps to complete the second pillowcase.

Sewing up the pinned sides.

The completed pillows on our front porch. My mom thinks they look wonderful and so do I!

My mom is now giving me sewing lessons and sewing projects to work on. Last week my Mom showed me how to use her sewing machine and I started my first project. My first project was to make pillowcases for two mismatched pillows. My mom wanted the pillows for two of our front porch chairs. I had a lot of fun working on this project and I can't wait to learn more. My next project will be to make doll clothes for my Samantha doll that my grandma bought me. I am excited!